BlueEQ™ Webinars

Take 45 minutes to Radically Improve Your Career and Organization.

Register for a Webinar and find out how the Emotional Intelligence of your leaders and contributors can create a culture where innovation can flourish.

We invite guest speakers from various industries to present on their research findings on employee effectiveness, leadership development, and organizational change. We invite you to take 45 minutes out of your schedule to participate in this career-changing webinar. Our experts discuss how BlueEQ’s unique approach to emotional intelligence will sky rocket job performance and leadership effectiveness.

  • What emotional intelligence (EQ) is and why it matters
  • How leaders with high EQ establish psychological safety zones that enhance innovation, engagement, and performance
  • Why emotional intelligence is an important foundation for leaders
  • How to create sustainable behavioral change that accelerates business goals.

Take 45 minutes to make a lifelong change. Join one of our upcoming webinars!

More Training Options

BlueEQ™ On-Site Training

We take the power of Emotional Intelligence and Psychological Safety to your location.

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BlueEQ™ Workshops

Attend a Public BlueEQ™ Mastery Track Event and experience it in person.

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Train-the-Trainer (T3) Program

Become certified to run the BlueEQ™ Mastery Track within your own organization.

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Take the BlueEQ™ Self Assessment

The world’s most valid Emotional Intelligence Test, the BlueEQ Assessment rates you on 5 Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Skills, and 25 EQ Dimensions. The Assessment instantly provides a personal profile of these skills and dimensions in a 34-page summary. Results include our proprietary Heatmap data visualization and personalized action items that you can implement into a plan for sustainable behavioral change.

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