BlueEQ™ On-Site Training

Revolutionize Your Organization’s Leadership Capabilities in 30-90 Days.

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Our on-site BlueEQ™ Mastery Workshop will increase your organization’s emotional intelligence and accelerate business objectives by enabling participants to feel psychologically safe to innovate, be challenged, and excel.  This workshop is designed with rigorous skill-building exercises to increase Self-awareness, Self-regard, Self-control, Social Perception, and Social Effectiveness.

The program is not one-size-fits-all but typically begins with the best-in-class BlueEQ™ Assessment which breaks down emotional intelligence into 5 skills and 25 dimensions. It targets areas of strength and areas of improvement as an initial baseline. After our interactive trainings, participants will put specific action items into practice during a 30-to-90-day period. At the end of that period, participants will retest to measure changes in emotional intelligence and behavior. This is the i4P™ process.

Included in On-Site Trainings

On-site trainings are planned and crafted with the aid of a BlueEQ™ consultant and the program can vary significantly depending on your organization’s needs. With that in mind, most on-site engagements include:

  • Pre-session access to the industry-leading BlueEQ Emotional Intelligence Assessment, measuring 5 EQ skills and 25 EQ dimensions through 150 quick-answer items.
  • Personal Profile that examines your skills/dimensions, helps interpret the results, and offers suggestions on how to change behavior. Includes the powerful Heatmap that visualizes an individual’s complex data into an easy-to-read and actionable reference sheet.
  • Full-day or half-day workshop with world-class facilitation and materials.
  • I4P™ Behavioral Change process that systematizes the planning, prioritizing, and muscle-memory execution that is required for individuals to change behavior.
  • 90-day behavioral change plan that individuals complete with a peer coach for increased accountability.
  • Post-workshop reassessment: Participants take the BlueEQ™ Assessment a second time after the 90-day behavioral change process to measure changes.
  • Unlimited access to the BlueEQ™ Academy—a database of articles, talks, and other materials that inform and motivate individuals to improve on their emotional intelligence skills and dimensions.

Participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Recognize the Emotional Intelligence principles that make employees passionate and engaged.
  • Understand how Emotional Intelligence is linked directly to brand lift.
  • Measure your team’s level of psychological safety.
  • Build up their workplace psychological safety to further increase creativity, innovation, energy, accuracy, and retention within your organization.

Research has shown that Psychological Safety is the number-one factor in having a successful team. Higher emotional intelligence creates a zone where it is safe to:

  • Discuss Ideas
  • Experiment
  • Take Risks
  • Give Feedback
  • Learn from Mistakes

BlueEQ™ Mastery Workshop increases emotional intelligence to create greater psychological safety which fosters innovation, creativity, engagement, and job satisfaction.

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