Emotional Intelligence Products by BlueEQ™

Emotional Intelligence

The BlueEQ™ Self-Assessment

The world’s most valid Emotional Intelligence Test, the BlueEQ™ Assessment measures you on 5 Emotional Intelligence Skills, and 25 EQ Dimensions. The assessment report instantly provides a personal profile of these skills and dimensions in a 34-page summary. Results include our proprietary heat map data visualization and personalized action items that you can implement into a plan for sustainable behavioral change.

Psychological Safety

PS16™ Organizational Survey

Psychological Safety has rapidly become the single most important factor for work teams to accelerate business results. Psychological safety is a workplace climate where teammates can challenge the status quo, take risks, and learn from mistakes without fear of negative professional or interpersonal consequences. PS16™ is a 16-question survey for everyone in the organization to rate the level of psychological safety in four key areas: Learner Safety™, Challenger Safety™, Collaborator Safety™ and Inclusion Safety™. PS16™ is crucial to diagnosing problems and creating a productive inclusive work culture.

The BlueEQ360™ Assessment

The BlueEQ360™ emotional intelligence assessment has been designed to accelerate your leadership development. The multi-rater format will provide you with a deeper understanding of how others perceive your behaviors and provide you with the clarity to create a 90-day development plan. Your BlueEQ360™ report is a visual representation of the quantitative analysis presented in an actionable easy to understand heat map format.

BlueEQ™ Workshops

BlueEQ™ Workshops

Attend a Public BlueEQ™ Mastery Track Event that combines the best-in-class BlueEQ™ Emotional Intelligence assessment with skill-building exercises. You’ll have an opportunity to re-take the BlueEQ™ assessment after 90-days to measure behavioral change. Click below to find out the next time we’re in your city.


Preview our workshops and on-site trainings with a 45-minute online webinar. Attendees will understand the basics of emotional intelligence and the concepts that are the seeds of behavioral change.

On-Site Trainings

We take the power of Emotional Intelligence and Psychological Safety to your organization. Attendees spend up to a day in the BlueEQ™ workshop which combines the best-in-class BlueEQ™ Emotional Intelligence assessment with rigorous and interactive skill-building exercises, and a 90-day behavioral change process including a reassessment to measure behavioral change.

BlueEQ Certification

Scale the life-changing principles of emotional intelligence in a cost-effective way and become certified to run the BlueEQ™ Mastery Track within your organization. Collaborate with our thought leaders to customize your own BlueEQ™ solution.

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