Train-the-Trainer (T3) Program

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BlueEQ™ Emotional Intelligence Workshops

Attend a Public BlueEQ™ Mastery Track Event and experience it in person.

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BlueEQ™ On-Site Training

We take the power of Emotional Intelligence and Psychological Safety to your location.

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BlueEQ™ Webinars

Preview our workshops and on-site trainings with a 45-minute online webinar.

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Take the BlueEQ™ Self-Assessment

The world’s most valid Emotional Intelligence Test, the BlueEQ Assessment rates you on 5 Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Skills, and 25 EQ Dimensions. The Assessment instantly provides a personal profile of these skills and dimensions in a 34-page summary. Results include our proprietary Heatmap data visualization and personalized action items that you can implement into a plan for sustainable behavioral change.

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